OTM Zambia Establishes Teen Leaders in 1st Quarter

Olivet Teen Mission Zambia reviewed the first quarter of 2020 and gave thanks to God for all developments and newly registered members.

Throughout this time regular Bible study was held for teens, conducted through Olivet High School and Revival church. Through this current OTM members could receive spiritual growth and more teens could be attracted to join the fellowship as well.

A total of 11 teenagers were registered this quarter and started to join the regular activities. Among them, four were elected as teen leaders and received further training in the word. Matthews, Thomson, Kelly, and Mary grew closer to the Lord and participated in various training sessions and activities during this time.

Also, outreach programs have been successfully held together with other local high schools to reach more young people. Sports games and other ice-breaking activities were held to grow a bigger network in Zambia and to introduce OTM to more students.

OTM Zambia members also helped to lead the local church service many times, by supporting the prayer, praise, and recording team.