Nairobi Sunday Service Shared through Online Method

As Kenya’s government has banned the congregational meetings, Nairobi Gratia church didn’t have service at the church, but the missionary family had the Sunday service at their house and uploaded the sermon at the online group.

Pastor Thomas shared the message from John 15.

“What’s the commandment of Jesus? It is the commandment of love. Jesus explained it with the parable of the vine tree and branch. Jesus used the parable of vine many times. Luke 13:6-9, he said that God is waiting for the fruit. In Mark 11:12-14, Jesus was hungry and wanted to see the fruit but the tree didn’t have any fruit. Here the fruit was about the faith of the chosen people and corruption of the temple. Jesus asked the leaders “Why do you make temple as the market place?” We need to look at our lives, look at the churches in the world. If our lives, church doesn’t follow the will of God, would God be happy with them?

Isaiah 5:1-7 God was taking care of Israel and protected them and took care of them and he expected them to bear fruit. But when they continually were going to the evil way, there was punishment. So we need to be humble and listen to God and listen to others. But people of God didn’t listen and persecuted the prophets and killed them. Matthew 23:13,15 also talking about the religious leader’s hypocritical life.

In John 15, Jesus cleansed us with his word and we can be remaining in Jesus continually as we keep his word. As we are remaining in Jesus, we can bear fruit; we can grow spiritually and be matured. But if we lose our faith then we are cut off and trampled.

To listen to the word of God and obey it makes us to remain in God. God called us from the darkness to the light, now we are the children of God (1Peter2:9-10)And then God want to show us his plan and work together as friend. Jesus called his disciples as friends.(v15). It is reminding us Abraham whom God shared His plan and called Him as friend in Gen 18:16-18, Isaiah 41:8. When Abraham believed God’s promise and followed Him, God has kept his promise faithfully. The promise is also upon us and it is the blessing of our lives and this world.

God called us with this great hope of the glory and Jesus sacrificed His life for us. So let us believe in God and bear good fruit for our lives.”