AM Africa Daily Online Study Brings Spiritual Hope and Revival

AM International in Africa started meditating on the Gospel teaching about the Cross. Studying the book of John, God’s love is being revealed bringing spiritual revival and Hope to the members attending. The study is now every day from Monday to Friday from this week unlike before that was twice a week.

With guidance from the regional and international leaders, AM Africa has members with the hunger for God’s Word to join the online Bible studies. The regional leader, Brother Walter have been guiding and sharing the Word of God in a group of 10 participants.

“When I studied the story of Jesus, concentrating on His death and resurrection, I could realize the kind of love that God has for the world. But most importantly how much He loved me,” stated Walter. He also shared that after knowing the pain and shame that he put the Son of God through, it moved his heart and he could experience the love of God deeper as well as knowing how much he needs to meet the resurrected Christ.

Africa members need to experience this love that is revealed through the Word of God. They started the study that is midway, but there is great grace being received by the members regularly in attendance. They are discovering deeper the love that God has for each of them through the Word.

In a group of ten members, seven actively participate during the sharing. There is hope that by the end of the program there will be many testimonies and grace from Africa.
Please pray this be a great opportunity for them to grow in faith and love of God.