Africa Online Conference Meditate The Prayer of Jesus

Africa leaders gathered for a conference and sharing the words of God. AM Africa Walter shared John 17:1-15 for the prayer of Jesus. Each ministry shared the weekly plan and OAA shared an online bible study plan due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walter shared that Jesus was shared a farewell sermon with all heart and chapter 17 was the prayer. He said, “He is speaking of joy in the previous chapters, now He is talking about glory”.

As for the glory, he shared that Christian has two sides as Paul said from the 2Cor chapter 4. That’s the suffering and the glory. We need to know that suffering is momentary and glory is eternal.

He explained the prayer of Jesus that “This is twofold. You are not asking for self-glory. The life of Jesus was shiny inside, but eventually, it is to glorify God”.

How can He speak of glory during suffering? Jesus glorified God as it is not shameful. It is not a failure because he has conviction instead of despair, although it is a place of death.

Jesus also prayed for his disciples even if he knows his disciples are cannot face the cross, they will be scattered, he sees the future hope. Even though we have a weakness, He never gives up on us.

Walter said that “we are in the world but not of the world”. He explained the reason why we need to be in the world to make us sanctified. He shared “If everything is easy going, we would not know how to rely on God”. So we need to rely on God and we are sent from heaven for the purpose to be fulfilled God’s will.

OA Africa shared the plan for an online bible study program for the “Romans 1-8”, and the plan of preparing carpentry school projects. OA Kenya changed online Sunday service with the church members and made a plan for the online bible study program. OA Egypt studies the bible with Cairo university students through online.

YEF Africa also changed to online activities. AM Africa is making online bible study for John 16-18 with Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia listeners. OHS making construction for the building during the breaking time.