Revival Church Sunday Service:’Two Garments’

Revival Church had a graceful Sunday Service. Attendance was 26, Bible study shared by acting Pastor Gusto, preaching done by Pastor James Lee. the announcement shared by the secretary, Tresphod.

Bible study scripture came from the book of John 3:16, which revealed that our God truly loved this world such that he gave his one and beloved Son called, Jesus. Whoever has believed in Jesus automatically received eternity, because Jesus is the way to salvation.

The moment you believe Jesus and in his Father God, you shall be saved. Salvation comes through believing, the instant you have believed, the assurance is eternal life. Jesus started his ministry at a very tender age, but his fulltime ministry started at the age of 30 years. Redemption requires the shedding of blood, without the blood there is no redemption and we cannot talk about forgiveness. Hebrews 9:22

Preaching and teaching shared by Pastor James Lee: scripture came from the book of John 14:1-2, Hebrew 10:19, Genesis 3:10, 3:21 & 2 Corinthians 5:1-4, Rev 3:18. Theme talked about, Two Garments, Leather garments simply means sacrifice that can be used as clothes to cover our shame. Apostle Paul talked about covering our sins, because of shamefules.

He further preached about physical garments or tents, the question came as to which one is permanent between the physical tent and spiritual house? Since the falling of the first man Adam, Men have always been shameful of themselves, because he lost glory of God. What is the correct clothes for our body we ought to put on spiritual tents?

The teacher & preacher talked about the two garments the first one was came from animal skin and the second one was a white garments for the saints. lastly let us put on our spiritual garments referred to as the tents in order to receive eternity.