OHS Training Concludes, Embarks New Hope of Expansion

The Olivet High School (OHS) conducted a five-day teacher training with three teachers on the 4 Spiritual Laws. Olivet Assembly of Africa (OAA) missionary James Lee taught them the fundamental message starting from the creation, about the sin, salvation, and kingdom of God.

The teachers were grateful to listen to the word of God and became more encouraging for the students to join the Revival Church. After concluding the training, there are two teachers that are starting to come to the church, including the principal.

The participants of the training asked important questions even though it took place in the afternoon of ordinary school days and continued till Saturday and Sunday. All the participants joined faithfully, taking the time to be united in the word of God.

The school staff is praying to invite all the students to the church, along with the teachers. OHS plans to select the excellent teacher to send them out to other campus locations as they have the vision of branching out to 200 schools in Africa. Just as their slogan of Education as Mission, everyone is enthusiastically participating in the morning service and weekly Bible study.

The training concluded gracefully with further expectations to study the Kingdom of God further next time with the teachers.