Gratia Church Sunday Service with a New Visitor

Nairobi Gratia church had a Sunday Service on March 22nd. Children and teens had their service and they learnt about “Jesus, Good Shepherd” from John 10:1-18. Teacher said “Jesus said ‘I am a good shepherd, so when the danger comes to the sheep, I give my life to protect the sheep'”. They read also Isaiah 53, how God gave the prophecy about to send the suffering servant for the sinners in this world. “We were like sheep which don’t know the way and lost. But Jesus came and led us to the way of life. When we accept His love and follow his voice, we will have eternal life”, Teacher said.

At the main service, Pastor Thomas delivered the message from the book of John 14:15-21. He said “Last Sunday, we looked at how Jesus encouraged disciples to believe in Him and God. Now He promised Holy Spirit after Him leaving them to comfort and guide them. The world doesn’t know about Him, but Christians we know. We need to remember that God is always with us. As we were born again, we started the new life in God. Jesus’ life was truth itself because He followed the truth. Obedience is important as it will show our love and faith in God”

There was a new person joined at this day, he is called Jones and he was invited by member Alex. They had a fellowship after the service and Jones said “The word of God gave me a very clear understanding about what I was not sure about. I could listen to the Word of God which I couldn’t listen from other church services. And I think to believe and obey is very important in our life of faith”. Jones said he will join next Sunday service also. Alex said “As we are Christians, we need to live the different life from the world. Even though in the world there is no forgiveness and people want to do lawfully, but we need to forgive others. It is what we should do”. Kepha said “There is suffering in Christians’ life. God is with us, so we need to endure the time of suffering with faith.”