OA Africa Conference: ‘I Am the Vine; You Are the Branches’

Africa had an online conference and shared a message of John 15. Olivet Assembly of Egypt missionary Boaz shared from verses 5 to 11.

He shared that Jesus brings us life and love. So we need to connect him to bear fruits. He shared the picture of the grape of vine tree that is heavier than branches. He said “Jesus is the central pathway to life” and “we are connected to Jesus so that we can bear a lot of fruit.”

He emphasized that “apart from me you can do nothing” so we cannot do one single thing away from Jesus. He said, “When we are still thinking doing something for Jesus, doing this and that to show ‘something’, but Jesus he takes us and let us not focus on doing but being with him only first”.

And remaining is important that KJV interpreted ‘abide’. He said “His words give the direction in which we could be here for the Father’s will and pleasure. and these controlling all our thoughts and affections”. But actually we can also practice this spiritual habit to keep us abide in him as Jesus abides in God.

He explained the way of ‘remaining’ that we cannot always pray to God consistently but we obey his commandment. Because the commands are the commands of love. We can use our hearts to love God to keep commandments Jesus gave us. And love brings complete joy and this joy. He said, “love and joy they are good friends, they are like the two sides of the coins”.