Africa Conference ‘the Way of Disciples’

Africa leaders had a conference and shared a message for the lent period. Missionary James shared a message from John 13:18-38 for the way of Jesus and the way of disciples.

The way of betrayer Judas had a break to see money instead of love from John 12 when the women breaking the perfume. Outwardly he wanted to help poor people but inwardly he saw the money to measure the deeds of the women. So finally he sold out the teacher of him and suicide from Act 1:17-20. And this way is showing that we cannot serve two masters in the priority of our hearts.

The way of cross of Jesus was started from dark night by this betrayal, but he saw the glory is destined after death. This is the faith of Jesus. The servant cannot go but only the Son can go as Abraham left behind the servant when he goes to sacrifice his son.

The way of a disciple is always asking ‘Lord, where are you going?’ as peter did. Peter felt separation and he wanted to go together. Disciples need to follow Jesus with free-mind of possessions, with free from bloody family, in urgency. We need to love each other with action and in truth as we are the disciples to follow Jesus. This is our way as true disciple and Christian.

But Jesus said you will not follow now but you will follow later. We need to remember the Lord upholding us as Jesus prayed for his disciples. And Peter followed Jesus later, after see the resurrected Jesus by the love of Jesus again and received power of the Holy Spirit.

Africa leaders keep pray with fasting for the OC Africa and the Lent period. OAA planned to raise up AM university of Zambia(UNZA) chapter leader and go to Ndola to raise up leaders of the school. Kenya having two more new bible study listeners. AM went to Tanzania to raise up Dar es Salaam chapter leader. OHS keep teaching the words of God to the students and making relationships with 4 neighbor schools in the near area.