Africa Mission Begin Lent

Africa leaders had an online conference and shared monthly plans. They made a plan of the Lent period and decided to share to meditate the book of John as they keep praying for OC Africa for 40 days with fasting.

As the period to meditate on the life of Jesus comes, is a precious time that we can reflect and redirect our life in Christ. Africa Mission will be sharing the book of John from chapter 13 to 19. Each leader will prepare to share one chapter for one week of two times during the conference.

OAA missionary James will be the first to share as today he shared a message that we need to take the position of the son of God according to the calling of God, from Genesis 3:9. This voice of God is not for the location but the position. And we can find the love of God as like father keep waiting for the prodigal son from Luke 15.20.

A right position is required to make the right “fide”, meaning a relationship with God first. So truth and love work to make us take the right relationship as the Son of God, Jesus, was full of grace and truth, John 1:14.

OA Africa is praying to organize the OC Africa team by the guidance of WOA for settling management first. OA Kenya is also having a Bible study with youths. AM Walter went to Uganda and will keep managing Tanzania and Zambia fellowships.