Gratia Church Holding Members Bible Study taught “Original Sin”

On Thursday, Feb 6th, Nairobi Gratia church had a group Bible studies about Sin in the morning and afternoon. Risper was doing the Bible study about “Commandment” in Gen 2 in the morning and they had prayer time and Mildred joined them in the afternoon Bible study about “Original Sin”. Alex also joined later.

They could meditate how sin originated from Satan which changed from Angel and left his position of authority because of arrogance, and how it entered to the man in the world. Satan always approach to the man with lie and tempt them to fall to sin. Satan is approaching with cunning ways- disguising himself as bright angel, wise ideas from this world- so man must know the word of God exactly so that they can discover Satan’s scheme and overcome it. God’s word is truth and unchanging and promising the life.

The Bible study was warning and guiding them not to fall into temptation nor disobey God. Mildred said “I learned that need to be ready to listen and obey the word of God whatever He says to us.”