No Retreat No Hesitation, Africa Leaders Received Mission Guidance

During a weekly conference, Africa leaders received exhortation and encouragement not to let go their guts but to stick to mission that God has called them for. Pastor Jane, one of the Africa mission leader shared.

As we are committed to the KOG, we shouldn’t hesitate or retreat. Jesus said if you plow the filed, you shouldn’t look back, but go ahead. And we are called to preach the Word of God. As Paul received the calling very preciously and kept his identity till the end, we are also called by God for preaching the gospel. If there is no one who preach, how can they listen and believe?

So, as God called us, we need to share the good news to the people God prepared. So leaders need to focus on this work. The HQ guided us to focus more on saving souls, and if someone use internet or some other things, reduce it as much as possible, so we can recover the heart of saving souls, heart of love by evangelism, teaching, prayer we can spend more time.

So God is using the speakers to spread the Gospel. We need to know that it is something very precious work. So let us devote more for this great commission to gain the souls to God.

The fruit can come not by one time evangelism, but when we focus and persistently working for it, it can come out. And also raising people the same, maybe it need a lot of effort constantly. Many times we lack of wisdom and power, strength to do it. So we can ask the Holy Spirit to do with us. He is our helper, guide, source of power and wisdom. So let us go with God for the work of God.