Kenya’s Last Sunday of 2019 Graced by Kenyan Leader

On the last Sunday of 2019, Gratia church had a Sunday Service in the great grace of God.

Children and teens had their service led by teacher Walter Gor, and they were meditating the story of the birth of Jesus continually from the previous week at the book of Matthew 2:1-12. Teacher said “Jesus came to this world as a King, but not as a worldly King, but spiritual King for our eternal life with humble image. 3 Wise men found a star and believed it is sign for a new King to be born. Jesus came with the prophecy(Micah5), but this world didn’t believe in Him. We need to believe in Jesus as Savior and worship Him”

At the main service, worship team led worship and prayer time. Pastor Thomas shared the message from Genesis 25 about “Jacob and Esau”. He explained how Jacob could get the birthright and receive the blessing of God. Jacob knew the importance of birthright at the family of faith which started from Abraham. But Esau didn’t know about it so he despised the birthright and sold it with a single meal.

We can be the same like Esau if we don’t put our faith as the first priority and seek for the worldly things first like Esau. If we are not prepared at the normal time then we may miss the critical time of blessing when it comes.

Time is flowing and our life is in the History of God. When God called us, we need to know how important the calling is and serve God with first priority. Jesus said “Don’t worry for the food or money, but seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. God will add others to you”. When the widow of Zarephath gave her all food to serve the man of God with obedience, she didn’t face the death. Let us first seek the Kingdom of God knowing it’s importance, then God will bless us and this land through us abundantly.

After service, they shared the grace at the fellowship time. Brother Pierre from Rwanda shared “I didn’t understand why the Bible said ‘Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.’, but through this message I understood how God’s blessing went to Jacob. It was Esau who didn’t think it importantly.”