AM Africa Target 30 Universities to win 3000 souls in the year 2020

Apostolos Missions in Africa has set up a goal of winning 3000 souls, establishing 30 Universities chapters across 10 continents in the region. The leaders plan to co-work with the OA Church national leaders to fulfill the set goals.

In review of 2019, AM Africa was not able to fulfill the plans and goals but they experienced much more grace and Gods love that they want to share more with the young people around the continent at the Universities. This has led to the development of much more desire and thirst to work hard in prayer to reach out to more souls. For that reason, Africa was able to share their 2020 goals and the strategies they will employ to achieve those goals.

Africa’s vision is to win up 3000 young souls in Africa with 30 universities in 10 nations a target. They also plan to establish 3 regional centers to help operate for the development of the ministry across the continent. Departments will be set up to help accommodate and regulate the serving of the ministry and the members.

AM will work on a strong network with OA churches to enable the establishment and setting up of chapters across the nations. Training programs as well will be established using the resources provided by the HQ. The resources will be customized to suit the local need of each nation and society.

“As Africa, we ask for the prayers of everyone to support us. We hope we can be able to work and achieve our 2020 goals through a unified effort of each and every member, leaders, and churches in Africa.”