Kenya Sunday Service Meditating the Time

Nairobi Gratia church Sunday Service on Dec 22nd was held by great grace of God. Children and Teens had their service earlier and brother Walter who came back from study at the university for the holiday resumed his serving as the teacher. They meditated about the birth of Jesus in Luke 2.

This day, Worship team had more members who practiced on previous day(Sat), and they led at the children-teen service time and main service time with graceful worship and praise songs so it was more powerful.

Pastor Thomas shared the message from the book of Eccl.3:1-8 about “Wisdom to know the time”. He said “Our life is limited and it will be judged by God. To go to the funeral is better than to go to the feast to know about the end of life.(Ecc 7:2) So to know the time and live using the time well is the wisdom of life. If we are prepared, we would not be afraid to die like apostle Paul. We need to set up plan on time table and live according to it.” He also shared from Luke 16 the story of “Rich man and Lazarus”. He said, “Our eternity will be determined by our life on the earth. So we need to live well to bear fruit when we are living on earth.”

There was a new comer, brother Denis joined this day evangelized by Thomas Momanyi. Denis said “I am new to this region and I visited this church as the first time. And I was blessed by the service and I could realize how important the time is and I want to live well for the Kingdom of God.” Also 2 people joined continually from last Sunday, one mother also joined from long leave. May God continually guide people to Him through the service.