OTM Zambia Confirms Dates and Place for 2019 Christmas Retreat

Teens leaders in Zambia have confirmed the actual dates and place that 2019 Christmas retreat will be held. From December 15 to 18, teens will gather at the prominent Olivet High School to listen to the word of God for four days. Missionary James have been invited as one of the teachers of the period

In four days’ time about 20 teens are expected to gather together at the High School to study the word of God. The preparations are ongoing and the leader (brother Tresphod) with other supporting team is working hard to beat the time. The four day program is hoping to prepare the hearts of the teens to welcome Christmas with a pure heart as well as help them to grow spiritually.

According to the previous retreat, there were a group of teens that really had desire and hunger for the word of God. Others having the ability to learn and really understand the word of God. Giving much hope for their growth into Bible teachers and leaders in the time to come.

Brother Tresphod asked for continuous prayer for the success of the program