Wisdom Comes from God, UNEB Candidates Prayed for

Emmanuel Church Ntinda held a service to dedicate students in preparation for Uganda National Examinations. Studied the wisdom of God from Psalms 111:10 led by Mr. Deo. Students left with courage and determination for examination

Uganda organized a service in respect to encourage the students that were to begin their final examinations soon. Mr. Deo shared the word of God from Psalms 111:10. He entitled the message “Wisdom of God”. The Preacher started by encouraging students preparing for National examinations not to fear papers. “You should pray for God’s wisdom, fear not the papers”, he stated

“We get wisdom from fearing God”. “Not seeking witch craft, practices divination or sorcery, who consults the dead in order to get wisdom or blessings or any other kind of things”. These things are bad for whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord. He stated as he quoted Deuteronomy 18:10-11.

The students were prayed for and they left with determination and courage to sit the forthcoming examinations.