What more Could I want, Brother Pierre Shares Testimony

My Name is PIERRE RENGERA, a Youth Leader, acting YEF Rwanda leader, a training Disciple of Jesus Christ and a Servant to the Lord Christ Jesus. I want to share about my testimony on my Journey from Lusaka, Zambia to Kigali,Rwanda as of 13th November 2019.

I would like to give thanks to the Lord for the unforgettable and precious stay in Lusaka, Zambia for the Last three months at Mission House. It is was one of the amazing privilege that God gave me to know more about His Love in my personal life. Youth retreat, Personal Bible study with Pastor James Lee ( WOA Missionary to Africa), Waking up very early everyday at 5:00am to commit myself to listen and learn diligently the Word of God lead by Pastor James Lee, combined with persistent prayer for World Mission and most especially for Africa Mission, Daily jogging and healthy food, going to evangelism to University of Zambia and having fellowship with university students, with brother Walter. Those are some beautiful memories that comes in my mind when I think of my stay in Lusaka, Zambia. My sincere gratitude to Pastor James Lee his wife Missionary Jade for everything, I am at loss of words. What more Could I want?

In the evening before I start off, 12th November ’19, we had a prayer meeting together with brother Walter and Missionary Jade, we shared some beautiful memories during my stay in Lusaka, Zambia, tears were full in my eyes…they blessed me with prayers and we went to sleep. Very early in the morning, 13th November ’19 around 3:40 am i had to leave Mission House heading to City Bus Station since my ticket was 4:30am. The rain was so heavy as it was the first time in around 7 months without rain in Lusaka, Zambia. Missionary Jade drove me to town but she could not speed up or see clearly the road due to heavy rains. In English they say it was raining cats and dogs ^^. I was deeply moved by the compassion and hard work of Missionary Jade to drive me in such terrible situation with heavy rains and low road visibility again in the night…deep thanks to Missionary Jade and may God bless her abundantly.

However I thank God for blessing Lusaka, Zambia with rain while i was still in Zambia. On my way to Kigali through Tanzania, the journey was very smooth that i was enjoying every single move throughout the journey, not even any single complication I encountered on my way, yet I received words of encouragement from Pastor James Lee, as he was communicating to me all along the way, with his busy schedule and big time difference he managed to have time for me. It meant a lot Pastor, I am grateful.

It was also a precious moment for me to pray to God to receive strengths and to light up my way and also to receive answers from God, for the Bible calls us to inquire from the Lord before any major decision. On the way again Missionary Jade connected me to Pastor Hyunhee YEF HQ ( Atlanta ) to assist me with 7 steps of 4 Spiritual laws and ancestors of Faith materials of which i received and i am using them to prepare myself as well.

On my arrival in Kigali on 16th, November ’19, I went to see my mother in country side where I am until now up to Sunday 23th November, 19. I shared with her about my Journey and that my life was committed to God’s Kingdom, she was very happy and she gave thanks to the Lord that it has been her prayer ever since I was born! She blessed me with prayers and shared with me how much she was worried about me in a foreign country!

I am going back to Kigali Sunday evening and will start mission work since then. My prayer request are: may God strengthen me and grow more in Word and remain in His Love, may God help me find a way for Rwanda Mission for we rely on God’s strength. I will share more plans and goals as i will discus with HQ and receive guidance!