Gratia Church’s Graceful Sunday Service

On Sunday, November 17th, Nairobi Gratia church held a Sunday Service. Pastor Thomas shared the message from the book of John 5:1-9 “The Miracle of Bethesda”. The miracle in the Bible is to show that Jesus is our Savior from all the disease in physical and spiritual. So that we may believe that Jesus is true Savior. The diseased for 38 years was asked from Jesus “Do you want to get well?”, It was because of the long years, this person might lose his faith and hope to get well. And this person said “There is no one who can help me so I couldn’t get healed”. Many people are dependant so they make reason why they couldn’t live well from other people. But we need to hope in God only and try to stand up for ourselves receiving the power from God. To have hope and faith is important and to have a positive thinking is important. Do not give up because of situation and problems, have hope in God then God will change our life and our future brightly.

After the service, they visited a member’s house to pray. Thomas Momanyi invited them to his house as he moved his house near the church. He served them with lunch and after that pastor Thomas shared a short message. He shared that “To invite the visitors is beautiful heart and beautiful tradition. In Heb 13:1, it teaches us to have brotherly love and show hospitality to strangers like Abraham who entertained angels. Through serving, we can serve many angels.”