University Students studies 4 Spiritual Laws as youth Mission expands

Students of University of Zambia are currently receiving Bible studies on the 4 Spiritual laws from AM ministry. Among them Bother Robert and Macdonald with sister Milika and Deborah both actively attending the program.

Africa has focused on building and raising of young generation leaders and are utilizing Apostolos Missions and Youth Evangelical Fellowship effectively. To reach out to youths most especially at campus. Recently UNZA was confirmed as a registered chapter of AM and this gives a great opportunity to students of the university to study the word of God better.

Brother Walter, has been giving lectures for two weeks now. They completed creation and the students were so amazed to discover more about creation. How understanding the faith that God exercised in creation and the process helps us to understand about our inner creation. “You mean our resemblance with God is not really our physical appearance?” “I am intrigued”, Milika stated during the study of the image of God.

This week, the students have started studying about the fall of man. Of which they are very eager to find out what really went wrong after they understood that God created a perfect world. One asked, what brought sin? Another asked, why did God whose greatest character is love, He claims to love us and yet He allowed man to fall? He is a powerful God, and knows everything but why would He do that to the weak man? This sister felt like God was not fair to the world.

After deep explanation of the Love of God for us, the students were able to understand the kind of precious relationship that God has with His children. The one built on perfect love, the love gives us a free will to love him back and obey his commands. After the BBS, the students expressed their satisfaction and the precious gift of knowing the truth that God is giving to them.