Africa Leader’s Conference Prepares and Pray for WGA

Africa had a regular online conference and shared weekly reports on Friday. Missionary James, the team leader asked for proper preparation and prayer for 27th WGA. OC Africa is undertaking progress through Pastor Joseph and Africa leaders shall have to make the yearly reports and plans for 2020.

OAA leader shared that Pastor Joseph is at the currently acquired home for OC in South Africa, he said that all staffs are Christian and welcomed Olivet Assembly. OAA staff are organizing the Zambia mission before they shift to South Africa including the Zambia leadership and Youth Center.

In youth department,YEF Africa received Rwandan leader to Africa chapter conference and having hope to open Rwanda chapter through him. YEF Kenya is trying to open another university chapter through brother Walter Gor and praying for it. On the other hand, AM Africa preparing dedication service in University of Zambia on 19th of this month. They are well preparing to make Christ known. Online bible study program is always made to make a network in Africa.