Revival Church taught Sin of Cain and need of Repentance, during Sunday Service

Congregants went home with joy after joining to Sunday service of September 29, 2019 at Revival Church. The Church received 4 visitors during. Studied about sin against the neighbor from Genesis 4:1-8. Sin that Cain committed to his brother Abel as well as a sermon about how those considered prostitutes and tax collectors will enter Gods Kingdom first.

In singing, worship and prayers, congregants came before God to attend Sunday service and God used His servant to teach a bible study from Genesis 4:1-8. Sin against neighbors commonly known as ‘sin of Cain”. Brother Thomson who attended the previous OTM retreat and chosen among those with potential to become a leader of teens taught. He explained that what caused Cain to sin was envy and jealousy. “Because God accepted Abel’s sacrifice, Cain became angry, he then begun to envy Abel that led to jealousy”. “The lord warned Cain that sin is crouching at his door and he must master it which means rule over it”, “we can only rule over it if we humble ourselves and listen to the canceling of God”, “if he had listened to the voice of God and mastered the sin in time before it mastered him, he would have overcome it”.

“The same thing happens when sin is crouching at our doors”, “God is always speaking telling us to master it”. “I f listen to His word we can overcome before it overcomes us”, “we must not be controlled by anger but we must control the anger so that it does not result into sin”, “self-control is amongst the fruits of the spirit according to Galatians 5:22-23”, “we need to die to the things of the flesh then we can live according to the spirit for the things of the flesh leads to death, Romans 8:13”, “therefore, it is only by the power of the Holy Spirit which has been given to us”, he shared.

Brother Gusto preached the sermon from Matthew 21:31. He also cited Joshua 2:1-7. His preaching centered on what Christ said in Mathew that, “The prostitutes and tax collectors will enter the kingdom of God before you”. He explained about the sin believers mostly commit, “we know the commands of God but we do not follow them”, “how many can welcome an enemy in their house?”, “few or even none, but this prostitute did not just welcome them but also protected them”, “the action of this woman show the love of God and the bible says, ‘love is the fulfilment of all the commands according to Romans 13:8-13”.

“Matthew 5:3 the bible says, ‘blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”, “the tax collector from the book of Luke 18:13-14 was humble before God”, “he admitted to the fact that he is a sinner, he did not compare himself with anyone”, “and Jesus said that he went home justified”, “we are not justified because of our work but we are justified because of the grace that God showed to us by sending his one and only son to die for us”, “for this, we do not have anything to boost about”.

“The people we call sinners are better off than we are because they admitted that they are sinners”, “because of this, they are justified. It is only a sick person who need a doctor”, “Luke 5:32, Christ says I come for sinners and not righteous”, “if we know that we are sinners, He came for us”, “it is only when we confess with our mouth, believe with our hearts then we will be saved”, he shared.