Sunday Bible Study, Youth Prays for Mission Center

Youths gathered for a Sunday Bible Study. Sister Milika from UNZA was able to join after evangelism that was held at campus. Studied Romans 8 led by Missionary James.

Sister Milika, a student of Bachelors in Agriculture at University of Zambia received a lot of grace. “I came expecting a small fellowship just like the ones I attend at campus, this was far much beyond my expectation”, I thank God that I came and will love to attend more if I have time in my university class schedule” she shared.

With the retreat program concluded, youths are continually studying from the word of God. Africa mission plans to increase on the number of Bible teachers and there is no better way to teach those with potential to teach others to make sure that they are rooted in the word of God.

There is much to do, but there are few to work. Africa has been blessed with OC this year raising expectation of growth. The standard of the leaders and members about the knowledge of the word of God and how to work with others need to develop.

With the plans, search and continuous prayers are being made for the provision to establish AM center near the University, it will offer better service to students and hopefully more workers will come out.