“Saving Grace of God is Irresistible”, Revival Church Sunday Service

Revival Church had graceful Service on Sunday of 18th August. Studied Romans 3:10-18, Acts 7:51. The irresistible saving Grace of God.

“Studying from Romans 3:10-18 and Act 7:51. Man is completely fallen and lost. Just like sheep wondering in the wilderness we are too foolish that we cannot get back to the righteousness of God on my own no matter however much we try. Instead we just get more lost, we go far away from the presence of God following our fleshly desires”. This is because the mind governed by the flesh can never seek God (Rom 8:7‐8) and of the sinful nature that we inherited from Adam

“But because of Gods’ Love through saving grace that is so invaluable and irresistible, however much we deny and reject Him and His truth, He comes unto us and keeps calling us back unto Him. This is through the public preaching and the teaching of His word. When we resist more, He sends His Spirit to come work into our hearts and change us inside out”. Giving us a chance to become His beloved children again through Christ Jesus

We need to understand that, without the acknowledgement of God, unless God calls us back to himself or give us a heart to accept and believe in His son Jesus Christ, it is impossible for us to come back John 6:44 (NIV) . “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day. Just like it is impossible for us to have a repentant heart on our own (2 Timothy 2:24-25). “Therefore this should be our prayers that God should give us a heart to seek for Him and a repentant heart” brother Walter summarized.

The Church leader brother Gusto led the sermon entitled, “the Saving power of God”, from the book of Daniel 3:8-25 and he explained, “the God we serve is a God who is present even in the midst of the fire, he never forsakes those that have confidence in him, so just trust in him no matter how difficult the situation may be “, he shared.