OTM Kenya Goal and Plan for the Second Half Year of 2019

As we begin the second half year, Nairobi Gratia OTM has set up some plans and goals that we hope to achieve as follows, Kenya OTM leader Walter Gor shared when contacted by our reporter


a. To get a successor for the leader of the mission in Kenya.

b. To organize a 2 day retreat for the teens.

c. To evangelize at least 10 teens in the next 2 months.

d. To hold regular Bible studies with the teens at least twice a week.

e. To raise the current teens in the Light of the Lord.


a. The Kenyan mission needs a successor for their current leader who will be attending school starting from September. The successor will be able to continue with the work during his absence and the end of his tenure.

b. The mission deemed it necessary to hold a 2 day retreat for the teens so that they can be brought closer to God and to learn on why they should partake in the Kingdom of God. This will also prepare the teens for the youth life of serving God. This will also teach them the doctrines of the Bible and the church.

c. Evangelizing more teens, at least 10, is very crucial. This will help to spread the Gospel among teens in Kenya and to continue on with the commission that Christ accorded to us.

d. Regular Bible studies is very important since this is the basic from which they will gain more knowledge of the Bible and clear any doubts that they may be having concerning the Bible.

e.we also plan to raise the current teens we have in the Light of the Lord so that they do not waver to the right or to the left of the Bible teachings.this will be done by encouraging them to attend the Sunday service and the Bible studies.

The Bible say that all we can do is to plan but it is only God who makes our plans to succeed. A doctor treats but it is only God who heals. A farmer plants but it is God who sends the rain to water the plants so that they can grow. As we set our plans and goals we dedicate them to God so that we may succeed in whatever that we do in His name. Amen