Kenya First Sunday Services in the Second Half of the Year 2019

On July Seven, 2019, Gratia church in Nairobi had a graceful Sunday Service. Children and Teens learned the attitude of the servant from the book of Luke 17:7-10. They learned that they are the servants of the Kingdom of God, but not as being forced, but with the willing heart.

The main service was led by the worship team and they led people to worship and pray to God. Sermon was from the book of Matthew 24:36-51. He shared about “The day and the hour, and how to live the life of faith”. We are living in time and God is eternal, and He will judge us after we die. How should we live? Like Noah, we need to work for God’s Kingdom though the worldly people are living for themselves. If we don’t do the will of God, we may be regret and weep at the end. What we need to do is “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness”. People are perishing because of lack of knowledge, but we were called by God to preach the gospel, this is the great commission. The Word of God was powerful, and they shared reflection after the service. May God guide them to live for the Kingdom of God first.

Nakuru Gratia church had graceful Sunday as they give service from children’s service to main service. Paul as teacher taught “children obey your parents in lord ( Ephesians 6:1).”
Main service, after prayers and worship songs, Bible study was done by pastor Clement and the topic was about “How may I know that there is God?” scriptures are John 14:9-14, 20:29-31,8:47 and Romans 1:20. Some people they think there’s no God, most of them they don’t want be born again. They continued with praise, testimony and offerings and preacher pastor Clement preached “You must accept Jesus for salvation ( Acts 16:31 John 1:12 and Romans 10:9)
6 adults 10 children joined on the day.