Zambia Emmanuel Church shared the meaning of the Pentecost

Zambia Revival church preparing Pentecost service to do evangelism. They shred message for the meaning of the Pentecost and urged to invited family and people near around of the church members. Pastor Alick shared “The day of Pentecost was all are gathering with one accord in one place to the early church according to the book of Act 1:1 in KJV”.

He shared that “we need to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness” and shared about Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is the helper and comforter and counselor according to the bibles. Holy Spirit is coming with words of God so that we need to gather to listening words of God. He closed the message to do evangelism as many people as possible to listen to the words of God.

They also had a bible study with missionary James about ‘baptism of the Holy Spirit’ from the book of Act 1:5. He shared “two baptisms to be born again but the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ wants to give is was the baptism of the Holy Spirit”. Some members had questions about what the meaning of baptism is in the great commission. They shared that that is the baptism of the Holy Spirit as Jesus never gave water baptism and we need to receive the baptism of Holy Spirit according to Act 19:1-6 that Paul gave baptized in the name of Jesus to those who already received the baptism of water of baptist John. So we need to change our life by the words of God as the Holy Spirit is the spirit of the truth.

25 members joined service and the Teen invited Walter and he shared a message of the two son’s of the Eli from 1Sam 2:21-26. Church members received the words of God with joy and they agreed to invite many people to have gracious Pentecost Service.