Africa National Alliances Receives Pentecost Guidance from Continent HQ

Church foundation must be the Word of God. OAA leader gave guidance to leaders in a weekly conference. Leaders are preparing for Pentecost that is just 4 weeks away. Therefore,Proper preparation is very important and vital. Leaders as well are showing positive feedback as they are doing their best.

After the Africa mission conference held in Kenya, Africa’s focus was redirected due to the inspiration brought about by the guidance of Rev. David in his short visit to Africa. Ministries and going forward to make sure that they follow the guidance in order to achieve the set goals and fulfilling the mission of the ministry and reaching the Vision.

Missionary James, the team leader stated that, “We need to make Church foundation which is shaking”. “One which is not changing. But how can we make this?” He asked. The Church foundation must be the Words of God. Citing Isaiah 40:8, he said the Bible clearly says that, “The Words of God is forever. Jesus is ‘cornerstone’ which means ‘rock’ to make church foundation, he continued, citing 1Cor 3:11, Matt 16:18-19, Matt 7:24, 27and the Words of God is foundation, he said.

If we do practice Word of God, we build the house on strong foundation. Our faith need to have unity with knowledge of glory of God, which means words of God, Ephesians 4:13. Miracle and signs are good but cannot be foundation of the church. The essence of the society is culture language is coming out from the culture. And essence of the culture is belief so religion is coming out from belief. So what is most core point? It is belief. What kind of belief we have, it is starting from knowledge which means words of God

Every fellowship and Church program center is words of God. We want to go together forever, not for only this world, but even after die. Giving a testimony by sharing what one of the Church member asked to him, he shared, “There is one members who has unbelief husband. And she was asking one Pastor, what shall I do?”

He told her to say to husband, “I love you, but I want to love you forever”. Meaning that with Jesus at the Centre and the foundation of their love if the man becomes born again, then their love will last forever. This would be a very beautiful and sweet story.

David, prayed that, Oh God create in me a clean heart, Psalm 51:10. Only the word can do that for us. So foundation and building of our church needs guidance from the Words of God. Then the other half is prayer according to 1Timothy 4:4. But first thing is not changing. It is words of God. We need to know what we believe.

We listen first to learn for it is dangerous to love without knowing true love. For true love comes from God. Not the gentile way of love, Luke 6:32-34. But the love of God, 1John 4:6-8.God is love. God loves us first, verse 19, and we shall know God fully as I am fully known God already know us, and God already loved us, so true love is recognized by love of God which is coming from above.

He concluded by saying that, God showed us by ‘lifting’. Christ was lifted on the cross. As a demonstration of love of God. Romans 5:8. So we need to stand firm in right doctrine which is God’s Word, not forgetting to learn and teach the words of God”.