AM Tanzania Held Lent Period Gathering, Focus on Easter.

How beautiful it is when the Children of God comes together in Unity. AM Tanzania leader Joseph organized for a gathering that included the regional representative. He gave then guidance on how to operate, make programs and the target group of people amid sharing of God’s word.

Tanzania this year will focus in two Universities, Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) and Amazon College of Commerce (ACC). These two institutions are Chosen because they are nearer to the Church place. Volunteers have already been chosen with Sister Sarah (TIA) and

(ACC). Through these, leaders that are English speakers shall be raised to participate at the international level as well.

This week, students had broken off for a short holidays for Easter season, there was no possibility for the leaders to meet students except those that stays around the city. With proper arrangement, the next visit will be great and graceful. It was a beautiful thing to me to meet these team for the very first time, very caring people though language was a limitation, but we made sure that we used all our knowledge of sign language in case of the absence of a translator around.

Africa will continue to guide and support them in prayers so that they can grow for their growth counts a lot to the growth of Africa region as well as International.