Revival Church Youth Sunday Service was Powerful

Revival Church held a youth Sunday service on the 17th of the month of March 2019. The service was completely entrusted to the youths to serve the people of God.  It was very successful held with great experience as it was expected.

Being a week of international youth day celebration, Revival Church acknowledged and recognized the youths by giving them the chance and opportunity to share with the Church what God has put in their hearts and lives. To them (the youths) it was an opportunity to train themselves to become better ministers.

As expected, the youths did not only surprising ministered the word of God but also contributed financially to support the Church and the Church pastor. “The youths have done great work. They took care of the service so wonderfully and may God bless all that took part in the running of the service “, Pastor Stephen applauded them right before the service came to an end.

Those that took the major activities in the service were, Brother Gasto (intercession), Happy (Bible study), Simon (main sermon), Tresphod (secretary) and Walter (Service moderator). The praise team wonderfully led the Church through Praise and worship beside the special presentation of songs and plays. We hope for a brighter future to these young generation, The Pastor concluded.