OA Kenya Sunday Services with Meditating the Love of Jesus

Nairobi Gratia church on March 10th Sunday had a Sunday service in the great love of God. There was a new comer on this day, brother David, and he came very early and joined from children’s service.

Children and teens gave service from 9-9: 50 am, and there were 2 newcomers also. They learned about the meaning of “Lent”, and they meditated the love of God from Romans 5:6-8, “Jesus died for the sinners”. The teacher shared “Can you die for your loving friend or brother? It is hard and impossible. But Jesus died for us, for our sin.” And she explained more with the story of parents who lost their child. “When a child didn’t come back home, the parents left their house to find him and they couldn’t come back home until they find. Our heavenly Father loves us so much like them. So he sent His only Son to find us.”

At the main service, Pastor Thomas shared from John 13:1-8 about the “Absolute Faith and Love of Jesus Christ”. He said “When Jesus washed the feets of disciples, there is deep spiritual meaning. It is He removes our sins so we are justified, but for the sins, we sin after that because of our weaknesses, we still need Jesus to¬†forgive us in our daily lives. He added, “In the cross of Jesus crucified, His absolute faith in God for ¬†the resurrection and greatest love toward us are embedded.”

After the service, they had a fellowship sharing the grace of God. Walter said, “Today’s sermon touched me.”
David shared “I’m so happy because I could join the Sunday service today.” He joined Bible studies on Wednesday because he is free on the day, but Sundays he couldn’t get the chance to come to church.
Brother Thomas was asking a question about “God’s forgiveness of sins and sanctification” and listen to the pastor and they were sharing about it.

In Nakuru, Gratia church also gave a graceful Sunday service. Moses taught children at their service and also led Bible study at the main service. He taught people about “The principles of prayer” from Hebrew 11:6 James 1:5~8, 1 Thessalonians 5:17. After Bible study, Pastor Clement shared the message from the book of Deut.1:26-37 about “Rebellion against God”.

They were 12 at the main service and 20 at children’s service who attended.

May God continually give the strength and wisdom to the believers, so they may follow the way of Jesus.