‘Be Strong in Christ ‘ OA Zimbabwe Church Encouraged People by the Word of God

Zimbabwe  Emmanuel Church held a wonderful time of Sunday Service with great teaching of the word of God. Targets to reach out to 50 people by the end of this lent period.

The service was loaded with powerful intercessor prayers were they interceded for the Church, Easter and lent period program of gathering many people reaching a target of 50 people by the end of the lent period.

A graceful sermon was given by Pastor Lavu, were he shared from the book of Judges 7 the story of Gideon and the 300 mighty men of war which came with the theme, ‘Be strong in Christ ‘.

“We are hopeful that the target will be reached before the end of this lent period through the grace of God, as the preacher said ‘ we are strong in Christ ‘. Pastor Lavu shared.