AM Africa Sets March Goal, G20 and Lent a Priority

AM in Africa remains focused with one of their major priority to fill up the G20 Country besides engaging the members in the walk with during the Lenten period. Network development will constitute Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Rwanda as nations under consideration.

When Walter was contacted, these were his words, “Network Development, Africa this month will put more emphasis on developing Nigeria, reviving Zimbabwe and filling up of Kenya and Rwanda. Nigeria is a very important state for AM and it will be one of our priorities to support them to develop fast. South Africa remains in our plans and prayers for the next quarter. March is a very special month that when utilized well we can really achieve great things and it is also the last month of the first quarter, meaning we should be keen and more focused to achieve our goals.
Africa will continue to conduct discussions of the regional platform. The sharing of the word of God and testimonies from fellow brethren is really encouraging and is proving to be a much better way to develop and support one another. People are open to discussion and sharing of their faith with others. Africa will encourage, motivate and support this program for a better development of the ministry in Africa.

Africa has prepared a program that will cater for everyone in the region. There shall be special messages in this season of lent that will be shared through online meeting to redirect the hearts and minds of the youths to walk with Jesus in the Lent season. This walk will help them to remember how important it is to live a life for and with Jesus Christ. Every National Chapters will be encouraged and advised to organize programs and activities within this period. It will either be held in universities of within the churches. The chapters will be encouraged to use self-supporting systems but should be able to put an impact in the lives of the members and people within the community.