AM Uganda Preparing 2 Years Tent-Making Project Proposal

Apostolos Mission in Uganda is in preparation of a proposal to start a project that for the first period is estimated for a time frame of two (2) years. With an initial startup estimated to be above 500,000 Uganda Shillings.

The Ministry in Uganda desires to start up an invention that will be able to allow the members to participate in a constructive activity besides the mission work to build up team work and unity. The project to be carried out will be confirmed after the review of various project proposal that will be presented by the three (3) individual members that volunteered to develop this.

Brother Allan, Innocent and Norman will all come up with their proposals and present to the members for review by the end of the month. After which fundraising will be made from among the members to support this work. In April, the project is expected to be initiated and will run for a period of two years