Tanzania Runs to ’50 Pentecost’ Goal

Tanzania set up the church goal for Pentecost to have 50 members. Anneth, the administrator and mission leader of the church, said “Concerning mission Tanzania, we are really preparing to achieve our goals before  50Pentecost for the aim to reach the different area and preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ therethrough evangelism” and “Also, build a strong foundation of mission through bible studies, and prayer meeting, at least to have 24 people as the first stage of Church to become maturity.”

This bible studies will take place on 3days on the week, and other day evangelism, why they do this as they know Tanzania mission still need a strong foundation of Bible studies and added more church members so they planed every Sunday after service. They will study hard the Bible many verses deeply to go to Pentecost.

Also, they are trying to invite many people to join them for Bible studies and teaching them the meaning of 50 Pentecost from the street for the time of doing evangelism as we went outside. This day they meet 20 people 10 of them they exchange phones numbers. They believe and pray to have five among 10 will join them as church members of Olivet Tanzania.

Anne added “Our prayers are that as we participate in this 50 of Pentecost and meditation of the humble resurrection and image of Christ our savior.” and “May God really Change many people hearts so that we can realize what kind of heart we can also save the world. It’s by humble hearts. Many people want to serve God with pride, rudeness or arrogance, but Christ was more humble.”