OAA Uganda Bible Conference Ended with Graceful Testimonies

OA Africa held Bible Study Series of “4 Spiritual Laws” in Uganda with mission workers from African countries after the AM Africa Training.

Missionary James gave Bible lessons with the themes for 5 days’ study. Members gave graceful testimonies after each Bible study and it so graceful.

Members took time for testimony after finishing the program.

Rwanda brother Pierre shared, “I realized the true way of the church that is made by word of God, not by pushing people and letting them go astray”.
Wegner shared ” Through this Bible study, most of us had learnt something we didn’t know about the Bible. I learnt a lot from listening to one another reflections. It was the most graceful time.OurSpirits were revived and we hope to work together and build the KOG on earth by the grace of God. We intend to share what we learnt with other people so that they grow together in Spirit and also receive salvation”
An elder of the Uganda Emmanuel church, Rebecca also shared the work of God that God made her meet missionary James and started to do church and now she learned a lot of things form the church so she was giving glory to God.