“Joseph’s Characteristics,” Kitwe Gratia Church Hold Sunday Service

On 27th March, Kitwe Gratia Church held a Sunday service with 18 members including 2 visitors, and brother Matthews encouraged them about the promotion of Joseph from Genesis 40:1-21 through the sermon.

He shared with the members the characteristics of Joseph’s resemblance to God, he explained how Joseph never gave up even in tough times and people’s disbelief over his dreams still, he never gave up and persisted in trusting God.

The other characteristic of Joseph is humbleness, and again it takes us to the character of Christ, though He was God He humbled Himself and came and lived with us and became a human and served us because of humbleness. So we should meditate more about Joseph and learn how to trust in God through the storm and how to be humble to the point of a servant.

With gratitude to the Lord’s grace, they welcomed the two visitors, who are a student of Olivet Academy, and with hope, they rejoiced and prayed for perseverance, endurance, and unity.

(Written By Matthews)