Africa Fellowship Leaders Urged to Save time and Set up CMs to Support Mission Work

Olivet Fellowship leaders in Africa have been urged with urgency to focus on setting up many CMs before the end of 2021 to raise more co-workers. YEF, AM and OTM fellowships currently have RCMs that can be guided and trained and set up as members and send to serve at the OCs.

Africa’s mission is blessed with four beautiful OCs with the capacity to host many members and raise many leaders. The continent acting representative Livingstone relocated to Zambia recently.

“Each of the three fellowships has potential members for commitment lessons, we need to focus on how we can best we can teach, guide, and set them up as CM as possible. Each fellowship should focus on raising people to send them to each of the OCs (South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, and EAF in Kenya) to support the mission work. Fellowships need to bear fruits and support mission work in Africa well”, Livingstone shared