YEF Africa Vision and Goals for the Month of November

The Youth Evangelical Fellowship of Africa (YEF Africa) presented and shared its goals for the month of November with the YEF HQ. This month, YEF Africa has set their goals and vision for the month extremely high and relying solely on the power of the Lord to see them through and to give them a heart of love and diligence to fulfil the goals they have set for this month.

For November 2021, YEF Africa has set the following goals:
Increased membership with 6 Committed Members, 12 Volunteer Members, 24 Registered Chapter Members or Registered Sunday Service Members, and 50 Bible study students.
To set up two official YEF Chapters
Host one joint mini-retreat, as well as two fellowship events.
Complete Cyberfellowship editing by uploading more recent photos
And finally to achieve more unity and stability for the fellowship

YEF Africa also shares their plans to achieve its goals. For increased membership, they plan to continue to focus on the current Bible study students and members that they have right now. Currently, YEF Africa has over thirty stable Bible study students and they hope to develop a shepherding system that will allow them to guide and raise each student as a leader. Each online Bible study group will also have rules that are in place to identify those who are serious and have the desire for the Word of God.

YEF Africa also plans to spend some time every week, gathering good pictures of both YEF Africa members and stock photos to further solidify the identity of the cyberfellowship website. They also hope to consult with native students to see what style is preferred in each country. Lastly, YEF Africa is praying to set up two chapters in either Zambia, Ghana, or Nigeria. The plan for this is to focus on current Bible study students and continue evangelizing students from that Country. To further unity and stability, the fellowship plans to hold more frequent meetings and create a group chat where Registered members and Committed Members alike can come together and share the Word of God, prayer topics, and so on together.

In addition, YEF Africa is also setting continental spiritual standards that they wish for all members to adhere to with a heart of joy such as Daily prayer, Daily Bible reading, Weekly Bible study, and meetings, as well as Weekly reporting/communicating with their Bible study teacher/leader. In addition to this, Volunteer members will also be encouraged to pray for their country and have regular evangelism as well.

As they step into this new era, YEF Africa hopes to set up big faith as they work to accomplish their monthly goals. Please continue to keep the fellowship and her members in your prayers. Go Africa! Go YEF!