Zambia Gratia Church Hold Sunday Service, ‘We Were Dead to the Law and Alive to the Spirit’

On 22nd August, Zambia Gratia Church held a Sunday service with 6 attendants. The message was delivered by Brother Benson from the book of Romans 8:1-7.

We were dead to the law and alive to the spirit of God. When Adam and Eve disobeyed the law of God they were dead spiritually. Why did God give us the law? The law was given to man to protect him not to sin.

But there is the weakness of the law. Although the law is protecting us from sin, it cannot make us righteous. It is condemned that we are sinners therefore if we live according to the law of the flesh, we will die.

Now we need to put our mindset on the law of the spirit which is the Word of God that has been proclaimed into us, for the believer, the Holy Spirit has taken the place of the law. If we are led by the spirit, we are not under the law. 

God shall send forth His Son Christ. Now, the Holy Spirit helps us be sons. So with Jesus, we cannot die but have eternal life in Christ for the law of spirit give us life.