AM Africa Students to Be Raised as Bible Teachers in OAA Training

AM Africa students are preparing to participate in a leadership training organized in cooperation with AM Africa leader, Pastor Livingstone, and Olivet Assembly of Africa (OAA). So far, two students, sister Albertina from Namibia and sister Angela in Tanzania, are candidates for the training. Albertina was evangelized online by AM Africa and continues to have Bible studies with the AM HQ three times per week.

The training will be held in Zambia. Dates for the training have not yet been set, however, the focus is to raise Bible teachers and ministers to serve AM and church. Bible teachers are proclaimers of the Word and have the most privileged position of sharing truth to many souls. The training will be a time to raise potential leaders and open up a more powerful future for Africa’s mission.

Please pray for more candidates to be identified for AM pioneering in Africa. May God raise many heralds of the Gospel and open up a new era in the region of Africa.