Kitwe Gratia Church Holds Sunday Service, “Who Shall Separate Us from the Love of Christ?”

On 2nd May, Gratia church in Kitwe held a Sunday service in which 20 people including 5 OHS students attended. The Word of God was shared by Intern Pastor Peter from Romans 8:35.

This is the most beautiful confession by the apostle in the Bible. This is like a beautiful poem. If someone is able to confess the deep world of faith with this kind of beautiful poem, then that person will be a joyful person.   

Apostle Paul is writing about the difficulties in us as we walk the path of faith. All the difficulties that we could meet in this path are mentioned here. First, tribulation comes out. This is what happens on the threshing floor at the time of threshing. A long time ago, when farmers threshed the grains, they pressed and pushed the grains. Tribulation has the meaning of pressing and pushing. It is like the hardship on the threshing floor. Therefore, the meaning of tribulation is the eschatological trouble. The apostle is saying now ‘even if there is terrible tribulation or even if we might face those difficult situations, nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.’