OAA Lent Bible Conference ‘the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name”.

Africa members held a bible conference and shared about the coming of the Holy Spirit for the Lent Period. Olivet Assembly of Africa missionary James Lee shared John 14:19-26 that the Holy Spirit needs to come after Jesus to the 18 members.

Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit “the Father will send In My name” to ‘comfort’ disciples and to ‘teach and remind’ what Jesus said to them. We need to understand Trinity in order to understand the reason we need the Holy Spirit. Jesus is a revelation to show ‘who God is’ to us and the Holy Spirit is testifying about Jesus that Jesus is the truth.

Holy Spirit needs salvation and great commission. We need to be ‘born of Spirit’ to enter the Kingdom of heaven and in order to clean our sin. Also, we need to clean our ‘garments(robes)’ to enter the ‘Holy City’ as Revelation says.

The Holy Spirit came after Jesus ascended, and the early church members received the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel to the end of the earth. Disciples were requested to receive the ‘power’ to do the Great Commission.

Jesus opened the era of the Holy Spirit and everyone can receive the Holy Spirit as a gift whoever asks God.