“Noah’s perseverance and Faith”, Revival Church Held Sunday Service

Revival Church held its first Sunday service in the month of March on the 7th with a total of 18 attendants. They were blessed to receive two visitors namely Arron and Beatrice who are all Olivet high school students. The congregation was encouraged to live with faith and perseverance relying on God’s grace like Noah did.

The Bible study was led by Brother Mathew from the book of Romans 8:28-30 with the topic, ‘Predestination’. He said that everything works for the good of those who love God but this is one reality that many people fail to understand and even accept. Many people do not accept that even the suffering that comes their way is for their good because no one really likes to feel pain. But God has predestined all to work for our good, the perfect example is Joseph who was sold by his brothers, became a slave, and later a governor.

The sermon was shared by intern pastor Joanna from the story of Noah who was the evangelist of his time proclaiming the coming of the storm that was yet to come to a people with stubborn and unrepentant hearts. The world that was in that time is not different from the world of this time. The sinful nature that humans had taken up made God sorrowful and wished He never created them for they had become mortal. Therefore, God had to destroy the world that He had created together with everything in it.

Genesis 6:8-9 tells how Noah found grace in the eyes of God among the people of his time but he still stood strong, the bible tells us that it was through faith Noah built an ark after he was warned about the floods that had not yet come. Noah did all that God asked him to do without making excuses, many times we tend to think that we are not the right person to do the job assigned to us and wish for others to do it. The thing is that God does not want you to come prepared, but He just wants you to obey, and through His grace, He will grant us the strength and wisdom needed to finish the work.

We need to finish what we have started with perseverance because just like in the time of Noah, it is not easy to proclaim about what we have not seen. In most cases, people will not believe but we must not give up like Noah who spent day after day, year after year for more than a century proclaiming about the coming floods and building the ark.