AM Africa Registers 2 New Chapter Members From University of Botswana

Apostolos Missions in Africa has registered two new Chapter members. Thamang Tamia Mooketsa (21 years old) and Laone Letshwao (21 years old) both attend the University of Botswana and have chosen to commit and follow the teachings and the way of life of Christ.

Tamia and Laone are both first-year students pursuing a Bachelors’s of education in lifelong learning and community development at the main university in Botswana. Beginning in November of 2021, these two students have committed to studying the Word of God with AM after being evangelized through social media.

Tamia shared that, “I joined AM wanting to be closer to God. And slowly I can see my life change, transform and get close to God. I also look forward with hope that as I am experiencing this grace of God I can also help and lead someone closer to God. I hope that God can help me to one day become a teacher and a preacher of the Gospel and I shall be very grateful”.

Laone also expressed her joy to join AM. She said, “I am very glad to join such a precious team of young people who are passionate to preach the Gospel. I want to learn more and grow. I am happy to be part of this family”.

Currently, Tamia has evangelized two more people and they have started having Bible study with AM Africa. Please pray for the spritual growth of Tamia and Laone.