“Jesus the Light of Men,” Gratia Church Held Sunday Service.

On 6th December, Gratia held a Sunday service, the attendance was 24. Pastor Peter shared the message about the “Jesus the Light of Life,” from John 1: 4-5.

Jesus has been a Son of God was the word means the ‘Logos’ in Greek, which has a title meaning of Christ or which emphasizes his own deity and communication of who God is and what he is like. The Logos became flesh and we saw the glory which was from Heaven became in Him was the Light and it was a light of men, from the name Jesus, we can understand the commission of Jesus as a Savior of people from their sins.

Darkness means sin, and when someone is in the darkness he cannot see the light, but after Jesus died on the cross, the light of the new era opened for man to see the light of life through Jesus Christ. He triumphantly won over sin and death and gave us victory in that when we call upon his name, we might be saved.