Africa shared Fellowship’s Plan During WOF Conference

At a daily conference, Olivet Fellowship(OF) acting representative of Africa region brother Walter shared a report for the fellowships in the region. It contained the available networks, last week’s report, the progress of C12, G12, and M40 as well as the week’s plan.

Africa currently has three fellowships, Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF), Apostolos Missions (AM), and Olivet Teens Missions (OTM) that recently received an acting representative (Crystal Lee from Zambia).

YEF has networks in three nations (Kenya, Zambia, and Rwanda), OTM has in Kenya and Zambia while AM has networks in Uganda, Zambia, and Namibia. Some nations already have representatives/acting-representatives while others have registered members that are undergoing training and are on the verge to grow into committed members and they shall be appointed to represent the respective fellowships.

At the current state, Africa does not have a very strong network. However, with the establishment of OF that is regularly giving guidance and direction, the fellowship leaders will work together with the Church leaders to see that expansion plans are made and executed to fulfill them.

In last week’s conference with Olivet Assembly of Africa leaders, a proposal was made that OF HQ will be established in Kenya to enable provisions of better services to the fellowships and their leaders. The available fellowships have made expansion plans of creating cyber fellowships as guided by WOF last week.