Gratia Church Sunday Service: ‘’Here am I, send Me.’’

On 22nd November, Gratia church held the service. Intern Pastor Peter shared the Bible study about the new era of the Holy Spirit from Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:1-5. The main message was shared by elder Wallen Chishimba about the commission of a believer from Isaiah 6:8.

Peter shared that, in the old testament the Holy Spirit was very rare to found by everyone, but was coming at the special event with the prophets or his servants because God gave them the laws to guide them into the truth of righteousness of God. Still, people failed to maintain their relationship with God through the laws. Because of sin, they broke the covenant with God and the law stimulated their hearts to sin more. In Ezekiel 36:27, God promised them to send them the Holy Spirit to help them relate to God without fear. When Jesus died and resurrected, he opened the new era of the Holy Spirit which has given people different gifts to perfect the body of Christ.

Mr. Wallen gave the main message about ‘Here am I, send me’, and according to what he said, everyone has been commissioned to save others. A believer in Christ should understand two types of salvation that are personal and universal salvation. First of all, we all need personal salvation. We need to believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior as he died for our sins, and for the sin of the world (1John 2:2). After we are saved, we need to save others by preaching the gospel to them. To carry this mission, it only takes to understand the heart of God for this world for he desires all people to be saved. He is looking for people to send to go out there and preach the good news of Jesus.