Nairobi Gratia Church Sunday Service : Do not be Afraid of Them, for I am With You and Will Rescue You

Gratia church in Nairobi had a Sunday service on Nov 15th, and pastor Thomas delivered the message from Jeremiah 1:4-10, 33:1-3, 2Tim 2:20-22, Rev 22:14-15, Rev 19:8 and the topic was about “God’s plan for our lives and how to be used by God”

“When God called Jeremiah, God showed HIs will through Jeremiah’s life. God had a great plan for Jeremiah’s life even before Jeremiah was born to this world. It can be similar to our life. God knows each one of us and has great plans for each person’s life. When we believe in this God and follow Him then the plan of God would be fulfilled through our life.I hope each one of us can believe in God and obey Him then we can overcome ourselves and experience the great miracles of God to fulfill His will for this world.”

Through the message, they could believe that God planned a great plan for each one of them, and as they accept and obey, God can reveal the great hand of God and fulfill his will. And also, God can use the clean and pure from sins so we need to be cleansed everything from the sins. Some members couldn’t join for different reasons, but the attendees received grace through the service. Members were discussing to visit a sick member during the week. May God protect and guide them to continually live with faith in God and keep the service well.