Elim Africa 2020 Report and Plan

Elim Africa representative Jane Kwon shared the Elim Africa report and Plan at the time of the WGA-Africa conference.

In 2020, Elim Africa joined international online prayer meetings and had 2 times of 40-day fasting prayers(for mission and for healing), And Elim Africa chapter leaders(Kenya, Zambia) were sharing prayer topics once a week so they were holding the intercessory prayers. Elim members were holding prayers for intercessory, healing, and counseling for the members.

Elim Africa Plans and Goals by 2022 is with the topic of “Restoration to the Healthy Body of Christ” They want to restore the broken image of God in the members through prayers, education, and counseling.

For Intercessory Prayers, chapter leaders will share prayer topics and join international online conferences. They will do healing prayers and counsellings for the members physically, mentally, and spiritually.

They are planning to educate people through making Elim education materials shared on websites, holding Africa online meetings. Also, they want to unite with Elim HQs and report regularly, so that they can bear beautiful fruits before God.

They hope to make a network of each pioneered country in Africa, setting up members and raise them, leaders. So that Africa country’s prayer ministry can support the mission powerfully for the coming years.

May God guide Elim Africa to serve the Africa countries and members through prayer.